Christmas 2010

This is my first post! =D and what a best way to start other than Christmas. This is a pop-up card with comics, i made as a gift for my family. It has a story about some fireflies who help Santa Claus: "3 magic lights...were flying in the Christmas night until...they found the special house with no light. They searched for an way in. They found a chimney and got in. Suddenly the light was on. It was all set for a... Happy Christmas."
 the drawings...

...painted in photoshop...
...and glued together so they can POP-UP.

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  1. Hey trolha!
    Waht a great way to start the year with Christmas gifts and all.. Let's see if it moves on so well with byrthday wonderful gifts for your A M A Z I N G little sister, yee!

    anyway, it's super duper cool :p